24-Hour Access to Medical Excellence  +1-305-355-1212



At Jackson International, we operate a 24-hour, on-site transfer center to provide access to the hospital, including emergency transfers and referrals.  Our telephone number, +1-305-355-1212, is always answered by one of our doctors who are trained to facilitate every aspect of medical transfers, even during the night, on holidays and weekends.

From the moment the initial call is received, our one-stop-shop facilitates/coordinates both all aspects of the transfer.  This includes both the clinical and administrative components, as well as confirming accepting service/physician and point of entry (ER, direct admit to bed) to the hospital of all confirmed transfers.

Through our years of extensive experience, we have earned the respect of many established air ambulance companies.   This easily facilitated the constant tracking of our patients in the process of being transferred.